VIII International Colloquium: Economic Growth, Structural Change & Institutions, May 26-28, 2011
Paper Submissions

VIII International Colloquium


Economic Growth, Structural Change and Institutions


Galway, ireland, May 26-28, 2011


The VIII International Colloquium entitled “Economic Growth, Structural Change and Institutions” will be organized jointly by the Department of Economics of the University of Brasilia (UnB) and J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics of National University of Ireland, Galway in Galway from the 26th of May to the 28th May 2011.


The main objective of the Colloquium is to contribute to the understanding of the ongoing economic crisis from the point of view of Growth, Structural Change and Institutions. The Colloquium aims to provide a platform for productive exchange of analysis and research results focusing on both theoretical and policy aspects of the theme. It also aims to stimulate the exchange of ideas from within the discipline of economics and other related disciplines on the issues of the theme to reinforce the multi-disciplinary approach to the study of Political Economy.


The authors are invited to contribute on various issues of the theme, but not limited to these listed below:


  • Economic Expansion, Demand Management and Structural change: Lessons from the Crisis
  • Growth and Income distribution: Theory and Policy
  • Institutions, Growth and Development
  • Interaction between the Real and the Financial Sector: Implications for
    Theory and Policy
  • Political Economy of Development: Gender, Power and Identity 

Please note that we are planning to host two special sessions


  • Special session on Income distribution
  • Special session on ‘Crisis in Economics: The way ahead’


Paper Submission


Authors are requested to submit their articles on or before March 31, 2011. Please send in your papers to the following members of the committee:


Srinivas Raghavendra (

Ricardo Azevedo Araujo (


Please ensure that the title of the paper, abstract (100 words), keywords and JEL codes is printed separately in the first page. Please don’t forget the send your papers as word – not pdf – document (about 25 pages of length) as it would be easy for us to compile a conference volume. Articles must be typed on one side of the paper using double spacing and all pages should be numbered consecutively.