2018 - 166th EAAE Seminar on Sustainability in the Agri-Food Sector, August 30/31

Sustainability has become one of the dominant themes for the development of the agricultural industry. As a land-based sector, agriculture has a major impact on the natural capital of rural areas in general and specifically on the economy, the environment and society. In a development setting, sustainable agriculture is central to the Sustainable Development Goals. There are numerous dimensions to sustainability including measurement, economic, environmental and societal impact, behaviour and extension, value chains, marketing and policy levers. The EAAE Seminar on ‘Sustainability in the Agri-Food Sector’ will provide an opportunity to present and discuss progress in the analysis of sustainability in agriculture and extension approaches to incentivize farmers to adopt sustainable farm management practices.

The event will take place in conjunction with the European Region of Gastronomy designation which was awarded to Galway for 2018, for which ‘sustainability’ and ‘feeding the planet’ are key themes.