2016 - 3rd International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference, March 10-11
Call for Abstracts


In this conference we seek to explore the doing of narrative inquiry in its many forms, and to take seriously the time, place and significance  of its doing.  The conference is organised around a number of strands:

  • Narrating place - where is narrative inquiry conducted and does it matter; how do we narrate spaces and places; what is the role of visual texts (maps, images) in narrating space, place and relationship?
  • Narrating the self - how does the person, individual and self feature in the narratives we write; how do we conduct narrative inquiries into self; how is self composed/constructed in the unfolding of the narrative? What is the relationship between narrative inquiry and auto-ethnography? What does a focus on narrative as an emancipatory, transformatory or therapuetic force bring to our work?
  • Narrating visually and digitally - how do we do visual narrative? How do we construct digital stories; does the digital offer new capabilities for narrating lived reality?
  • Narrating the ‘Nation’ –as we celebrate the centenary of the 1916 Rising in Irelandthis strand considers how  the stories of nations are commemorated; what narratives are prioritised and by extension omitted, and to  what extent do these narratives shape the formulation of contemporary and future understandings of Irish identity?

We invite papers and posters on these themes.  We also welcome papers that pay attention to the theoretical, methodological and creative challengesfaced by narrative inquiry researchers.We ask that you consider creative ways of presenting that do not necessarily rely upon the usual conference presentation. We would like to encourage postgraduate students to participate.  If you are in the final stages of your PhD or have recently completed a Doctorate inspired by narrative inquiry,we would like you to consider submitting a paper. Those in the earlierstages of narrative doctoral work and or who have completed  a Masters programmemight consider presenting work-in-progress in the form of a poster.

* In 2016 Ireland is commemorating its birth as a Republic through a range of events related to the 1916 Rising in Dublin and its consequences.

Abstract Guidelines

Please submit a 500 word abstract as a pdf file with references via the website by the 15th of January 2016. Please indicate whether the abstract is for a paper or poster presentation.
The Conference Programme will be available by Februray 1st 2016.Contact the conference organisers for any queries or questions about the conference and we look forward to welcoming you to the City of Lakes, Rivers, Canals and the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland.

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