2016 - 3rd International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference, March 10-11




                   3rd International Irish Narrative Inquiry Conference


                     NUI Galway, Institute for Lifecourse and Society


                     10th & 11th March


The Irish Narrative Book of Abstracts is now available.


Thursday 10th March







16:30 17:45



Registration Institute for Lifecourse and Society, NUI Galway

18:00 19:30

Welcome by Conference Convenors: Anne Byrne, Bonnie Long, Kathy O'Reilly & Simon Warren


Keynote address Professor Ann Phoenix, Thomas Coram Research Unit, Department of Social Sciences, UCL Institute of Education, University of London and a Fellow of the British Academy.


Wine reception


Friday 11th March





                   9:00-10:30 am Parallel Session 1       



Narrating the Self: Identity and Education


Simon Warren

Walking and Talking Narratives of Precarious work in Adult Education

Jerry O’Neill

Creating Stories in Early Years 2016

John  McGarrigle

Finding my Voice in Narrative

Claire Fahy

“Law School is made to make you Cry on the Subway”: Stories from Law Students with Mental Illness

Michael McCue



Narrating Place: Media and Place


Grace O’Grady

Narrating Lived Reality of a Gaeltacht (Irish speaking) Community on Film

Eilís Ní Dhúill

‘The Gifts of the Little People’ – The Ethos of the Gift in Traditional Irish Narratives of the Fairies

Aibhe   Nic Giolla Chomhaill

Reeling in the Song Lines: Chasing down the Story of Myself

John Tunney

Narrating Algeria as Self & Other in the Auto-Ethnographical Novels of Nina Bouraouri & Assia Djebar

Christine O’Dowd Smyth



Narrating Methodological Frameworks

Chair: Tanja Kovacic

The Utilisation of the VCR Method of Analysis in Highlighting the Participant's    Self and the Researcher's Self

Rosemary Crosse

The use of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis in Architecture

Cliona Rooney

A Weird Culture Shock: Founding an Academic Writing Centre in the UK

Higher Education System

Deirdre McClay

Coming to Know Pregnant Subjectivity Using Voice Centred Relational

Method   (VCRM)

Catherine Conlon



Narrating the Place of Children and Young People


Marguerita McGovern

‘I feel like I’m Part of Something Bigger’: Narratives of Belonging, Place and Connectedness among Young People Attending Youth Cafes in Ireland

Lisa Moran, Bernadine Brady and Cormac Forkan



Exploring Childhood in Ireland: Narrating the Places and Spaces of Everyday Life

   Kathy Reilly

Visualising Emplacement: Some Bodies at Play

Patricia McCaffrey



                11:00-12:30 am Parallel Session 2



Narrating the Self: Professional Identities


Simon Warren

Auto Ethnography – An Arts Based Approach towards an Inner Mythology

Lorraine McIllrath

Narrative Inquiry into Identity of Novice Professionals: Using Online Posts as a Data Source

Elizabeth Chan

Professional Self: A Social Care Student’s Auto-ethnographic Narrative

Lillian   Byrne-Lancaster

Narrating the Self – Collaboratively Interrogating Identity Through Practice

Fiona McDonagh & Dorothy Morrissey



Narrating the Nation

Chair: Kathy Reilly

Searching for the “Fairytale Ending” in Fantasy Films of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

Amber Shields

Narrating Nacíon (Nation): An Exploration of the St. Patrick's Battalion in Music and Art

Samuel Saldívar III and Michael McCue

From Ghent to Preston via Ruhleben: An Irish-German Family Story of the First World War

Claudia Sternberg and Maureen Waugh



Narrating the Digital  in Education


Bonnie Long

A Narrative Approach to Meaningful Moments in Learning to Teach

Paul Conway

Using Lego Serious Play to Model a Narrative

Marguerita McGovern



Methodology: BNIM


Anne Byrne

Harnessing Farmer’s Knowledge and Narratives for the Prevention and Control of Paratuberculosis on Irish Dairy Farms

Lisa Moran, Áine  Macken-Walsh, Conor McAloon, Michael Doherty, Anne Byrne and Paul Whyte

An Exploration of Infant Feeding Practices among Western African Mothers living in the Community in Ireland


Sarah Brennan and Anne McFarlane


Novel Narrative Possibilities: Using a Biographical Narrative Interpretative Method (BNIM) Within Intellectual Disability Research

Susan Flynn



                   13:30-15:00 am Parallel Session 3



Narrating the Self: Inequality & Identity


Kathy Reilly

Constructing Identities with Young People: Making Visible White as An ethnic Identity

Grace O’Grady

Is There a Way Back to me, for me?

Thomas Coombes

VOICES: Voices Of Individuals Collectively Exploring Self-determination – A Narrative Based Methodology Opening Space for Stories and Counter-stories of People with Disabilities Exercising their Legal Capacity.


Discovering my researcher identity during the fieldwork. 

Eilionoir Flynn and Liz Brosnan



Sasha Noonan



Narrating the Nation: Place and Activism


Lisa Moran

Narrating Sluts and Victims in Social Media: Women's Online Activism in Morocco

Aura Lounasmaa

Storytelling is a Political Action: How and Why Narratives of Trauma are Controlled Within the Family during the Troubles

Caroline Dutka

Enstranged Latinidad: Paratextual Reimaginations of Comic Characters in DjangoZorro

Samuel Saldívar III

The Past is Never Dead: Bloody Sunday After the Inquiry

Joseph Robinson



Methodology: Methodological Reflection

Chair: Simon Warren

Chronos, Kairos, and the Intimacy of Narrative

Sheila Ross

Narrative Inquiry in Sociology: Methodological Nirvana or Just More of the same?

Jaqueline O’Toole

“Doing” Narrative Inquiry-  Challenges and Considerations

Claire O’Reilly

Re-thinking ethics in narrative research: The case of biographical research with Older Adults

Gabriela Spector-Mersel



Methodology: Unpacking the Relationship Between Story Teller and the Story


Lindsay Myers

The Axe Remained Rusty: Gender in Two Irish Variants and Two Tellings of ATU1423 ‘The Enchanted Pear Tree’


From Narrative Inquiry to Autoethnography

Lillis O’Laoire



Dorothy Morrissey

Stories r Us? ‘Knowing Well and Knowing Responsibly’ – Navigating Unreliability in Narrative Inquiry

Hilary Tierney  & Ciara Bradley

The role of Poetic Process in Narrating the Self

Mary O’Malley





                      15:30 -17.00 Parallel Session 4



Narrating the Self: Inequality & Identity  2


Grace O’Grady

Negotiating Selfhood: Mental Capacity Assessment as Narrative Inquiry

David Gibson

How Adults Tell: Using Biographical Narrative Interviewing Methodology (BNIM) to Gather the Experiences of Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Joseph Mooney

Exploring the Self in Pilot Projects- Tensions and Opportunities– Testing Narrative Inquiry in the Lived Experience of Supervision in Social Care

Aoife Prendergast

Narrating the Deaf Self in Autoethnography

Noel O’Connell



Narrating the Self: Gender


Tanja Kovacic

‘Were not just boots and tractors, I’m a business man too’: Constructing Irish Male Farm Identity through the Narrative.

Peter Cush and Aine Macken-Walsh

The narrative construction of selves in a study of women doctoral students’ career aspirations

Rachel Handforth

The Stinging Nettle Atlas: Sharing memories of place

Luci Gorell Barnes





Narrating the Digital: Digital Methodologies


Bonnie Long

Visual and Written Narrative: From Paper to Digital, An Alternative Way to

Enlighten Reality

Nadia Nahjari

Generative Genres: The ubiquity and utility of narrative in the design of

educational technology

Tony Hall,

Bonnie Thompson Long, Eilis Flanagan,

Mary Higgins &

Paul Flynn

'Reconstructing Century-old Stories for the Digital Age: A Case Study of a 1916 Easter Rising Alternate Reality Game'

Ronan Lynch,

Bride Mallon &

Cornelia Connolly

Visual Narratives on Facebook. Biographical Implications of a New Form of Communication

Roswitha Breckner



Poster Presentations

ILAS Foyer

Poster Presentations


Visual Narrative and Folk Psychology: Image Drawings of Life, Death, the Soul and the Afterlife

Yoko Yamada


A Passion for Books and Epistolary Friendships 1943-1969  


Anne Byrne