PSI Early Graduate Group Conference, 27-28 February 2015
Information for Presenters


Instructions for Oral Presentations

- All presenters should be registered to attend the conference. To register, please click here


- Presentations will be max. 10 minutes long. You will be given warnings at 7 and 9 minutes into your presentation.


- There will be 2 minutes allowed for Q & A


- Presentations must be in Powerpoint format


- Presentations should be brought on USB sticks to the registration desk on the morning of the conference or sent to before 9am the same day


- File name should follow this format: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAMEINITIAL_TITLE.ppt  e.g. BLOGGS_J_The effects of x on y


- Information about which room your presentation will take place in and what time will be available at the end of this week on the conference website



Instructions for Poster Presentations

- All presenters should be registered to attend the conference. To register, please click here


- Poster stands and hanging materials will be provided 


- Information about which stand your poster will be placed on will be available at the end of this week on the conference website

- Should wish to have your poster printed at NUIG and available for collection at the conference registration desk, email a PDF of your poster to before Thursday 26th February (typo in picture below) at 12pm and arrange payment with them over the phone at 091 432350. Be sure to quote the conference name and to reply to this email to let us know you want us to collect your poster. For more details see below.




Posters should stimulate discussion. The poster should include a brief overview of the study, which can be explained in more detail in a one-to-one conversation with the reader; the poster should only display the essentials; if your point can be made with fewer words, then edit your poster accordingly. If you can substantiate your thesis with a smaller part of a table or graph, then do so. The less text on your poster, the larger your graphic element and your font can be. For tips on poster design see

Set Up

All posters will be displayed in the foyer of the Arts Millennium Building.  Posters must be hung between 8am and 9am and removed between 6:30pm and 7:30pm on the day of the conference.  Each presenter will be assigned to a group and will be asked to present their own poster (4 minutes) and respond to questions (2 minutes).  Each presenter will also listen to other poster presentations in their group and ask questions, etc.   


Posters can be up to A0 size, and must be printed in portrait format.  Hand written posters are not accepted.



Poster should have a logical organization. Most posters have sequential sections (e.g. Background, Aim, Methods, Results, Conclusion). Use regions of empty space between poster elements to differentiate and accentuate these elements.

Data should be clear, concise and well-organized.

Avoid everything that can make your poster look excessively busy, such as boxes around graphs and tables, and long sentences.

Limit the number of different fonts, different sizes of fonts and different colours.



Aim for a short title.

Size of the letters should be at least 96 point.

State authors and affiliations below the title, in a smaller font.

Include mailing and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers at the bottom of the poster.

Grant sources supporting the study may also be included below the title or at the bottom



Keep style consistent. Keep headings short, maximum 3 or 4 words. Put headings bold and in larger type than the text of the poster.


Body text

The text is more digestible if it is split into logical sections interspersed with graphics.

Use bullet lists where possible.

Minimize the amount of written text. Text should never dominate the poster.



Self-explanatory graphics should dominate the poster.

Graphics should be understandable without need for a detailed description.

Aim for simplicity, not complexity.

Title should inform about the content of the figures


Use of colour

Use colour only to support the readability of your poster. One colour plus black offers best contrast.

Restrained use of 2 - 3 colours for emphasis is valuable; overuse is not.



Handouts of posters are encouraged.


Discussion of poster

The aim of the poster presentations is to stimulate discussion. Poster presenters should not simply read aloud the text of the poster, but summarize their main research questions and results.

Each poster presenter has 4 minutes to convey the main content of the poster during the poster discussion.

Prepare to summarize your poster in a succinct and clear way and practice the timing and pacing of your poster presentation in advance. A group chair will be assigned to facilitate the work of the groups on the day.


Should you have any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.