PSI Early Graduate Group Conference, 27-28 February 2015
Invited Speakers

The aim of this session is to showcase the experience and knowledge of some early career psychologists with unique insights into the development and current state of psychology as a discipline and career. It will start with mapping how psychology developed as a discipline and profession. Next, the state of psychology for those just graduated will be discussed in relation to those trying to go into either research or applied directions. Then the opportunities for psychologists at companies and organisations beyond psychology will be highlighted. Finally, the last talk will combine the focus on applied and research psychology with an emphasis on how they can be used for social impact.


Invited Presentations


Mapping the Development of Psychology

Ivan Flis


The Role and Duties of Early Career Psychologists in Ireland

Rachel Ellen & Maebh O'Connor - PSI Early Graduate Group


Career Opportunities for Psychology Graduates

Ceara Bergin


Commit and ACT in Sierra Leone

Corinna Stewart