Gender & Child Welfare Network: 4th Interdisciplinary Conference, June 15, 2011

Gender and Child Welfare Network:  4th Interdisciplinary Conference

School of Sociology and Political Science
National University of Ireland, Galway
June, 15th, 2011

NOTE:  Early registration deadline has been extended to May 16, 2011.

The Gender and Child Welfare Network, which is an international group of researchers and practitioners, is pleased to announce that its fourth conference is being held for the first time in Ireland on 15th June, 2011.

The network has organized three successful conferences previously on the relationship between gender and child welfare. This conference will focus specifically on the relationship between gender, child protection and family support and explore the following questions:

 How are relationships within families and relationships with professionals influenced by gender?
 How can we move on from what is now the well-established pattern of focusing on mothers in order to ensure the protection and support of children?
 What models of engaging fathers are there available to learn from?
 How can we develop gender sensitive practice around domestic violence?
 How can we ensure that supporting families protects children and challenges gender inequalities?  

Conference Chairperson:
Professor Brid Featherstone, National University of Ireland, Galway

Please note there will be an International Conference on Child Protection and Family Support organized by the Child and Family Research Centre on 16th and 17th June held at NUI Galway that you may wish to attend. For further information on that conference please click here.